About the Revenue Review Committee

The Revenue Review Committee (RRC) is responsible for coordinating the Revenue Review and preparing all reports and submissions. The RRC is made up by the following officials and a representative from the private sector.  The members have a deep understanding of Vanuatu’s tax and revenue system:


Name Position and Ministry Position in Project Tream
Mr. Tony Amos Sewen Director – Department of Finance and Treasury (MFEM) Team Leader / Chairman
Mr. Roan Lester Alternate for Director – DSPPAC (PMO) Vice Chairman
Mr. Rex Willie Semeno Tax Policy Manager, Treasury Unit (MFEM) Secretariat
Second Secretary Ministry of Finance and Economic Management – MFEM) Member
Mr. Ian Pittard Advisor – Tax Policy Unit (MFEM) Advisor to Team Leader / Sec
Mr. Thomas B. President VCCI – Private Sector Rep. Member
Mr. George Pakoa Manager Customs Revenue (DCIR – MFEM) Member
Mr. Collins Gesa Deputy Director, Inland Revenue Department (DCIR – MFEM) Member
Mr. Jeff Mark Manager VAT Audit, (DCIR - MFEM) Member
Mr. Peter Nash Advisor to DCIR – MFEM Advisor to DCIR Team
Mr. Praveen Reddy Advisor to DCIR – MFEM Advisor to DCIR Team
Mrs. Bertha Pakoasongi Secretary – Law Commission Member
Mr. Junior Joe Natuman State Council (State Law Office) Member
Mr. Melton Aru Manager Rates and Tax Unit (DCIR – MFEM) Member
Mr. Kalo Paul Act. Manager VAT Revenue (DCIR – MFEM) Member
Mr. Harold Tarosa Principal Customs Officer (DCIR – MFEM) Member
Mr. Henderson Tagaro Act. Principal Economist (Finance and Treasury – MFEM) Member
Mr. Benjamin Shing Director DSPPAC – Prime Minister’s Office Member


Additional Support

The RRC is supported by a dedicated Secretariat and is provided assistance and support by all impacted Government Ministries and Agencies. The Revenue Review has also received support and technical assistance from the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC), which is an office of International Monetary Fund (IMF), the IMF headquarters and the Australian Government (Government for Growth program) through the provision of financial support to both DCIR and MFEM.