Date Submissions From
11-Jan-17 Open Letter on Income Tax Martin ST-HILAIRE
11-Jan-17 Vanuatu Tax Structure - Report VCCI
25-Nov-16 Vanuatu Revenue Review Feedback


Consultation Feedback
VCCI Response
30-Sep-16 Submission to selected questions raised in consultation  Fernandez Olivier
04-Oct-16 Question/Comments on Income & Corporate Tax by DeRoza Investment Group Levi Tarosa
17-Oct-16 Submission response to revenue consultation Dynamic Supply Company- Blake Cropp
18-Oct-16 Submission on possible reforms of Vanuatu's import duty regimes Dr. Andreas Lendle & Imran Sharyar
27-Oct-16   Never Mind what’s right Vanuatu's specific circumstances Seachange Lodge - Ian G Kerr
Submission- Broaden Base
TOA members oppose income and corporate tax - Have  TOA
01-Nov-16  Response feedback on proposed reforms Pacific Retailing Limited - Campbell Beeson