Timeline and Consultations

Income Tax Consultation will continue in 2017 - (12/01/2017)

The Government of the Republic of Vanuatu, National Revenue Governance Committee wish to inform the general population of Vanuatu that as part of the ongoing consultations on the Government’s plan to introduce income Tax, major consultations will continue throughout the course of this financial year 2017.

Consultations on proposed Income Tax have commenced since October 2016 and to date, most of the business sectors, Government Civil Servants, NGOs, the General Public, Villages and Communities in Port Vila and Luganville, have had the opportunity to sit and listen to various presentations delivered by the revenue review committee. Additionally consultations have already reached SANMA province and the Island of Tanna in TAFEA Province. 

The Honourable Minister of Finance and Economic Management who is the Chairman to the national Revenue Governance committee, wishes to thank everyone who had participated to provide comments and criticisms to all consultations being done. 

He also wanted to thank the business communities in Port Vila and Luganville for their contributions in particular the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and further commented that such reactions from the VCCI is well accepted as it provides for a more wider understanding of what Income Tax will bring. He however concluded that this reform is the national government policy and it will be the national government to make the final decision as to whether we proceed to implement an income Tax in Vanuatu or not.

The minister acknowledges the written responses receive and general comment from everyone who have made a submission to the Revenue review committee. He encourages every citizens not to look on the negative side of things but to see the future benefits of such policy and what it can do for our nation.

Throughout the first three months of this year 2017, the Provinces of TORBA, PENAMA and MALAMPA will have the opportunity to also listen and contribute as the Income Tax Consultation team gets to meet with them. It is most likely that key stakeholders will be invited to the provincial government headquarters so they can listen and bring back the messages to their own communities.

Remaining Provinces are urged to listen up for further informations as to when the Consultation team will visit their provinces and final logistics on this will later be communicated to provincial government leaders in upcoming weeks.


Public Consultation on Income Tax Continues - (18/10/2016)

The Revenue Review Committee wishes to inform the General public that there will be another General Public Session Next week Thursday 20th of October 2016 at the National Convention Centre. The Presentation will commence at 9:30am and include plenty of time for Question and Answers.

Our aim is to inform you about the proposal and help you understand how it will impact you and our country. The Revenue Review Committee invites the General Public to attend. This is another opportunity for the general public to come along and learn more about this important issue. It’s vitally important for everyone to note that the revenue review is at the consultation stage and we need your submissions and comments. Members of the General public are encouraged to provide their views so that the committee can consider them when preparing the final report to the national government for further consideration.

The Revenue Review Secretariat also wishes to confirm that during the last 3 weeks, consultations have reached the following audience: Vanuatu Economic Society, General Public Servants of the Government, Government Leader of Opposition, Director Generals, Directors, Government State Ministers - (SANMA Province - Port Vila Community); the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu, Port Vila General Public, Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) Executive Team and the Media Association blong Vanuatu. In SANMA Province members of the committee consulted SANMA citizens on SANMA Day Celebrations in Santo and Malo) and the Santo Department of Customs and Inland Revenue Officers.

The Review Committee thanks members of the general public at large for all their constructive comments and criticisms so far in all public forums and media platforms. In the upcoming weeks, the Vanuatu Revenue Committee will continue with its public consultations programs to other important sectors including major villages on Efate Island, the Banks and Financial Institutions, Lawyers and Accountants, key government ministries and sectors under their respective jurisdictions. Logistics for these meetings are being arranged with key people such as Chiefs, Association Secretaries and Managers so that they can get their people and clients informed on the proposed reforms. Consultations are planned to roll out to other provinces in early November 2016. The Revenue Review committee encourages everyone to email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our webpage on www.revenuereview.gov.vu should they wish to make a submission.